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We all are working to find the perfect balance between careers, work, family and friends. With these demands on our time, our personal fitness often takes a back seat. TTBF believes that combining different modalities with each workout session you can maintain a well balanced body and mind.

Robyn Naymick-White

Robyn’s passion for movement started in her youth when she participated in competitive skating and track and field. She was encouraged to explore different sports, particularly softball, from her father who had been a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians. She knew she would some day be an instructor when an older sibling introduced her to her first Yoga class at a local fitness facility at the age of 12.

In the early years of her fitness career Robyn taught group exercise classes for The University of the Pacific, and other various fitness establishments in Northern California. She studied dance at the Stockton Ballet Company and also with the Sacramento State University Dance Department. Subsequently she became a certified group exercise and personal fitness instructor. She has enjoyed all aspects of her training, and believes that not one size fits all.

She is passionate about ongoing education and strives to offer the most progressive techniques to assist her clients move and feel their best.

Robyn has been a frequent guest Fitness Consultant on Sacramento Television, News10.

More about Robyn:

    Greg White (aka 'Guru G')

    Greg has been in and around fitness and athletics most of his life. A surfer in Southern California, then an invitation to Olympic Trials for Gymnastics. After receiving an MBA from CSUS he traveled internationally for nearly 25 years with many visits to South East & South Asia, including frequent stays in India where he was introduced to various styles and traditions of Yoga. In early 2000, he shifted gears and completed ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) coursework for Certified Personal Trainer and added to his Yoga training and experience in India the YogaFit ® Certifications as well as Pilates Mat & Apparatus Certifications.

      Shenan Sira

      Shenan has been working in the Health and Fitness Industry for nearly a decade. She prides herself in being a well-rounded Fitness Professional and loves movement in all forms. There is no “one size fits all” approach to health so being able to offer a variety of movement and lifestyle options is beneficial to her clients as they all present with varying degrees of needs and goals.

      A self-proclaimed Continuing Education junkie, Shenan is certified as a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Massage Therapist and TRX Trainer. She will be adding the completion of a 265 hour Yoga Teacher Training and Sports Nutrition Certification to her resume by 2015.

      Shenan brings a free-spirited nature and passion for movement to all her classes and personal training sessions. She feels strongly that everyone should be knowledgeable and comfortable about his or her own body and it’s functional needs. This is why she not only makes fitness entertaining but adaptable and experiential as well.

      She has been with Time To Be Fit for over 6 years and in that time built a schedule that provides a variety of classes and training opportunities. She believes passionately that when it comes to health and fitness, don’t wait it until it is too late…The Time is Now!

        Janel Hernandez

        Janel was born into a family of 4 boys.  Naturally and quickly, she became interested and active in sports, including Track and Field and Golf.  She excelled in those areas and was always conscious of the fact that as long as she was active, she was able to maintain a healthy weight and stay fit.    After being a long time class participant, Janel decided to become a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor.   Shortly thereafter, she began to study and practice Yoga.  That’s when she came to the realization that Yoga and Core Training is an essential component of all fitness. Subsequently to her connection to the Mind-Body aspect of fitness, she also became a Certified Pilates Instructor.

        Janel really enjoys the one-on-one relationships with her clients.  She considers herself to be challenging but compassionate in her style of instructing.


          For most of my life, I have participated in music, academics, competitive athletics and strength training.   My strength training and athletic background taught me the value of discipline, motivation and hard work to achieve results in my physical performance.

          Practicing and teaching yoga and strength training has allowed me to find a more embodied, balanced lifestyle and I feel privileged to share my experience with others.


          I consider myself a lifetime student of this practice and I enjoy teaching to all abilities.  I seek to create a collaborative learning environment, as we navigate this fun and complex work.