Robyn Naymick-White has been drawn to physical activity for as long as she can remember. She was a competitive skater, played softball, ran track and danced in the local ballet company where she discovered Pilates. This love for physical activity led to her calling as a person trainer. In 1998, she started her own personal training business, Time To Be Fit, in Sacramento, California.

Robyn told me she loved the routines and what enhanced core strength could do for the human body. It’s principles of core stabilization and an even musculature just made so much sense. And I could see an immediate benefit for my clients, many of whom didn’t have either.

Ken Endelman – Founder and Owner of Balanced Body Pilates

Robyn has been a Master Teacher for Phi Pilates Instructor Training for more than 10 years. TTBF and Robyn Naymick-White are a well recognized and respected Pilates Studio in Sacramento.

Christine Romani-Ruby – PT, D.Ed, MPT, ATC, PMA® CPT (Founder and director of PHI Pilates and PHI Pilates Studio based in Pittsburgh, PA)

A little over a year ago I started personal training with Robyn White at Time to Be Fit (TTBF). TTBF is a gem on J Street. The gym is tucked away behind Pete’s Coffee on 37th and J. Right away, I was impressed with Robyn’s depth of knowledge, experience and her ability to make me feel comfortable working out with her even though I was terribly out of shape. Everyone at the gym patrons and other trainers were very friendly and welcoming. It is a perfect workout place and environment whether you are rehabbing after surgery or an elite athlete training for a triathlon.

When I first started working out I was 75 pounds heavier than I am now. She has helped me improve my overall fitness, including flexibility and mobility. She helped me prepare for surgery and recovery. I started working out with Robyn with one on one personal training sessions and was introduced to small group sessions where I met two other lovely people. We workout now as a group and I still feel like I am getting one on one training.

Robyn is constantly expanding her knowledge of fitness with the latest techniques and equipment. If I complain of a sore foot or back, she always has a gadget or maneuver that is the right thing at the right time. I have decided to always have time for TTBF because of the invaluable training, the mellow adult workout environment and the group of fellow fitness colleagues pursuing a healthy lifestyle as a primary goal for long life.

Thank you Robyn.

Angela G.

Thank you all for a wonderful experience. TTBF is “my” studio!

Jocelyn W.

Since I never seem to have time to tell you this in person — I wanted to take the time to send you this email. As you know, when I started with you I had a herniated disk that continually flared up in injuries whenever I over did it in the yard or house. I wanted you to know that for the past three years since my separation and divorce I have been doing all of the yard work instead of my ex. During this period, despite the huge increase in physical labor, I don’t recollect my back going out like it use to. I credit all of this new strength to my work with all of you at Time to be Fit. I am deeply grateful as I can now do many activities in the yard that used to be impossible for me. Thank you so much!

Joan M.

I did about 7 months of private lessons with Robyn. She was amazing. She listened to my concerns and needs and knows how to motivate without coming off as pushy. Privates are great if you have a wacky work schedule, specific needs(back problem for me), and you go at your own pace. Sad I had to move to so cal.

Kat S.

Love this place. Great, very professional teachers, small personalized classes, flexible programs and just lots of super-positive energy.

Time to be fit is perfect for people who don’t feel comfortable in a typical gym environment. They don’t offer a huge selection of classes but you get in exchange a comfortable, quiet environment and trainers who care about your well-being. I have been seeing Shenan for over a year and cannot say enough good things about her. Because it is such a small studio, she is able to be super flexible and work around my hectic school schedule. I have seen huge changes in the way my body looks and feels over the past year due to workouts that are catered specifically towards me. What I love most is that I never get bored during our sessions. She keeps things fun and interesting by playing with a variety of Pilates workouts mixed with weight training and fun cardio interludes (they have a mini trampoline!). For being a small studio, they have a ton of fun toys to play with and they know how to use them effectively. I am always sore from our workouts the following day and never question the value of the service I get at TTBF.
Stephanie H.

I wanted to let you guys know I had the baby! My water broke friday morning! (must have been Guru G’s yoga on thursday night!). He weighed 6 pounds 8 oz, and 19 inches long. We are doing great! Cant wait to get back to TTBF

Kathryn V.

I love ttbf! i’ve been searching for a good pilates studio since i moved to sacramento and have tried a few around town. i’ve finally found my pilates home at ttbf. the instructors are knowledgeable and friendly, the owners are hands-on in their business and get to know you by name, and prices are very reasonable. their pilates studio has 5 reformers and classes are limited in size so you get a little more personalized attention.

Reina M.

Time to be fit offers a mix of Personal Training and group class options. I can take a yoga class one day, a cycle class the next and choose from mat pilates, core circut, cardio circuit, and pilates reformer classes. TTBF is great if you are experienced in Pilates or have never done Pilates before. I have done pilates mat classes for the past 10 years, but the instructor makes all the difference in the world. Robyn the owner of TTBF taught my class and the difference between classes was like night and day. She gives little tips throughout the class on how to get the most out of every movement, and how to stay connected to your body. The classes offer modification options for challenge the advanced as well as the beginner. They also have multiple Pilates reformers and the gym is beautiful.

The classes are challenging but doable. We know where the limits are.

Molly P.

You’re a genius! By the time I arrived home I was almost pain free. And that was BEFORE a glass of wine. Thanks!

Sue B.

Hi Robyn Since I never seem to have time to tell you this in person — I wanted to take the time to send you this email. As you know, when I started with you approximately X years ago, I had a herniated disk that continually flared up in injuries whenever I over extended myself in the yard or house. As you know I am a very dedicated gardener — tending a home orchard, formal rose beds, perennial beds, a vegetable garden and a green house. I wanted you to know that despite the fact that my disk is still herniated, for the past three years I have been able to do all the yard work without any flare-ups. I credit all of this new strength to my work with all of you at Time to be Fit. I am deeply grateful as I can now do many activities in the yard that used to be impossible for me. Thank you so much!

Joan M.


“Thank you” just doesn’t seem enough to say for what you’re doing for me. You’re changing my life and the way I feel about myself. Thank you so very much,

Linda M.

To all at TTBF,

I started going to Time to be Fit about a year ago because I just felt like I was losing mobility, strength, and energy more and more the older I got. And I just didn’t feel old enough to be stiff and achy! Robyn led me through some evaluation sessions and started me on the Reformer and other classes. I cannot say enough about Robyn – she truly cares about her clients (although, with Robyn, I am tempted to call them patients) and works diligently and continuously to hone her skills and knowledge while helping the people that come to her for training. Actually, while I am at it, I have to say that all the trainers at TTBF are wonderful! Guru G leads the yoga class with laughter and skill in such a way that you end up doing things that you never thought you could – or would even ever try! Janel leads a variety of classes (from Pilates on the Ball to Reformer to, well, any of the classes offered). And, while she makes you work hard, she also makes you work safely and within your own capability. Shenan also leads several classes and is extremely good at working with people that have never done Pilates and need to start at the very basics. She walks around and makes sure your are in the right positions to do the work correctly and, most importantly, to not injure yourself. And she is adding to her skills all the time. So, all in all, you cannot go wrong with any of the trainers at TTBF. But, back to me! I do not think I have ever been as strong as I am today. Or, for that matter, coordinated. All I have experienced in my year at TTBF is support and encouragement and incredible improvement. One of the silliest things (but extremely important) that I have noticed is that I can take a shower and lift my foot to wash it without bracing against something or having to put my foot on something for support! I can just stand there and wash my feet without worrying about it!!! I don’t know if you have noticed the lack of balance in the shower but, let me tell you, it is extremely satisfying to get it back! So, TTBF has a lifetime member and I have gained so many new and wonderful friends all while working hard and so very much improving my world. Thank you Robyn, Greg, Janel, and Shenan!!!

Sheila K.

p.s. But, wait, I have one more thing to add! The people that are trained at TTBF! They are all such great people! The classes are small which allows you to get to know the people you take classes with and, I just have to say, they are all such great people! Supportive, genuinely happy for you when you make a breakthrough, non-judgmental, I just don’t know if I can say enough. So, I also want to thank all of my new friends at TTBF! Sheila

I started at Time To Be Fit [TTBF] in early October with my personal trainer, Shenan Sira. We’ve had about 16 private pilates sessions so far, with many years more worth in my mind. It had been a few years since I worked out or done any exercise at all prior to meeting Shenan at TTBF.

Fast forward two years and I needed to do something to help this tired old body. I searched for great personal trainers near my home in McKinley Park neighborhood of Sacramento and found both Robyn (the owner) and Shenan at Time To Be Fit mentioned in Google searches and on Yelp.

After I filled out my Health Questionnaire and received a movement evaluation from Shenan, I started on my new road to physical fitness. Most of my workout history and experiences with personal trainers were cardio and weight training oriented. I didn’t exactly understand how intense, isometric, and isotonic the practice of pilates really was! I have some experience with Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, and even ballet. Pilates reminds me of all these things . . . if done correctly with the expert guidance of a great instructor like Shenan Sira.

My body is doing better after the physical therapy approach Shenan took with me as I began training. And, the pilates equipment with names like “reformer” and “tower” are actually used by some physical therapists. I’m toning, strengthening, losing weight, and beginning to remember how it feels to be healthy and strong again. I love that feeling!

Time To Be Fit is a private, boutique, lovely little facility. As with all businesses, it is the people who are its life blood. I am very fortunate to have found a kind, compatible, sensitive, and highly skilled training professional in Shenan Sira working there.